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Dec 18


By Jordan | 2015-12-18 @ 08:37

It’s been a while since our last post, but only because we’ve been quite busy! For many months we were preparing for CSAW CTF, making a new entry in the Pwn Adventure series. This year being the 30th anniversary of that famous plumber, we thought it fitting to create a retro NES game instead of the usual 3D MMORPG that Pwn Adventure is known for. The same core concept applies though – to really win, you need to hack.

We also wanted to combine some modern game elements with the retro platform, so the final idea was a zombie survival game with crafting!

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Jul 14

One Million... Miles

By Jordan | 2015-07-14 @ 09:26

Bug bounties are a positive improvement to the security community over the last few years. Rather than the debate full disclosure versus "responsible" disclosure where both sides felt they were getting the raw end of the deal, companies are now paying out security researchers for their work and researchers have a reasonable channel through which to report vulnerabilities and a set of rules to play nice by. (Historically, finding the security flaw was sometimes easier than finding the right email to notify!)

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Jun 08

Now Hiring

By Jordan | 2015-06-08 @ 09:59

We’re slowly getting our little company organized and wanted to announce that we are now hiring!

More information is on our hiring page, but the short summary is we’re looking for people who are interested in the work we’re doing and want to help be a part of it. While we have one specific role we are looking to fill now, we’re always on the lookout and would love to hear from interested folks, just drop us a line to our hiring email address.

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May 31

Update Post is Full of Updates

By Jordan | 2015-05-31 @ 12:23

It’s been a while since we posted an update, but it’s only because we’ve been busy! If you haven’t already seen that we presented at Infiltrate, our slides are also online. Hopefully video will be out soon.

In other news, are very excited about the work we’re being able to do supporting DARPA’s Cyber Grand Challenge.

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Jan 12

Where are you going?

By Jordan | 2015-01-12 @ 11:49

There’s not a lot here yet as we’re just getting this thing off the ground. Check back soon though as we hope to have some content worth checking out!

In the meantime, maybe you could play a game? We think the future of hacking and the future of gaming are intertwined. Go see a preview of that in Pwn Adventure 3: Pwnie Island.

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