Experience our one of a kind blend of gaming and hacking

V ector 35 is proud to unveil a top-tier training offering based on our long history of hackable video-game challenges. We have long seen the value of capture the flag (CTF) style security competitions as effective motivators and learning environments for a variety of skills. Unfortunately, many CTF competitions have a high barrier to entry, or lack an appropriate difficulty curve.

We believe that combining security CTF challenges inside a real video game makes for an optimal opportunity to engage people not used to traditional CTFs, while still challenging even the most experienced CTF player.

For more on our philosophy about CTFs and their value, see some of our interviews and presentations:

Who Benefits


Traditional developers will benefit from an increased awareness of security flaws and gain confidence in debugging their own applications


Vulnerability Researchers, Reverse Engineers, Network Security Analysts and others will all benefit from challenges similar to their real world challenges


Gamers looking to do more than just play games, but learn how they actually work and develop skills that will benefit them in any technical career will love learning inside an actual MMORPG

All of the above

No matter what combination of your background or interests, there will be challenges that you'll enjoy

Pwn Adventure

Pwn Adventure 2

The first serious hackable game, Pwn Adventure 2 is built using the Unity 3D engine, and is thus a .NET application. This makes it easier for beginners to reverse engineer.

Pwn Adventure 3

Pwn Adventure 3 brought the difficulty up a notch, using the C++ Unreal Engine as the basis for a new hackable game built into a true open-world MMO.

Pwn Adventure Z

In honor of the iconic plumber's 30th birthday, the latest Pwn Adventure is based on the oldest architecture, hand-written assembly for the NES's 6502 processor. Play online!


Pwn Adventure Sourcery is different not only because it was built to be played in a browser, but also it's the first to enable reverse engineering and hacking as an in-game mechanic.


  • Public
  • Free!
  • BYO-server
  • Public writeups
  • All original challenges available
  • Custom Game
  • Custom Pricing
  • Original game designed for you
  • Select for desired skills
  • Choose your platform


To ensure as many people as possible can benefit from the Pwn Adventure games, all of the original Pwn Adventure series of games are available as free downloads:

However, for companies looking for expert instructors to provide hands-on training, new interesting challenges, and a difficulty curve tailored to your organization, we recommend on-site training.

Sample Agenda

While the schedule can be adjusted, here is the standard two-day schedule for an on-site training.

Day Time Description
Day 1 15min Introduction / Team Picking (like dodgeball but the geeks rule)
Day 1 45min Basics of Assembly (intended to be a refresher)
Day 1 30min Binary Patching (multiple tools and methods demonstrated)
Day 1 30min Blind Protocol Analysis (brief summary of tools and techniques)
Day 1 15min Break
Day 1 6hrs Let the games (err, CTF) begin!
Day 2 5hrs Finish the competition -- first team to complete all challenges or highest points at the end wins
Day 2 3hrs Awards and solutions shared