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Alignment of direction and magnitude

W e are always on the lookout for like-minded individuals to join us in making our crazy vision a success. If what you see here makes you interested please shoot us a note. We want to work with other people who are excited about the same things we are -- we know we're not alone.

Specific Roles

Full Stack Developer

Vector 35 is seeking a new full-time employee to cover mostly full-stack development and devops duties, including:

There are no explicit experience requirements for this position, but more experience is always a positive. Any experience with Reverse Engineering, C, C++, Rust, UI/UX design, and other topics relevant to our main product, Binary Ninja, are also welcome but not required. Please feel free to highlight any of this experience in your application.

This position is based out of our Melbourne, FL office. We have very flexible work hours and a hybrid work schedule with occasional remote work. Full-time remote is discouraged but may be possible for the right candidate.

Program Analysis Researcher

We are looking for researchers to help build the next generation of reverse engineering technology. Experience with graph databases, data flow/taint-tracking, and other technologies strongly recommended. The successful candidate will be working to build plugins on Binary Ninja and extending on Binary Ninja's intermediate representation and analysis to produce better reverse engineering technologies beyond current state of the art. If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, contact us via email, the chat box at the bottom of, or find us on the Binary Ninja slack.

What we need


Like breaking things? Like reverse engineering and vulnerability research? Ever play or run CTFs?


Enjoy writing code? Know more than two languages and more importantly which is best for what type of problem?


Does "The International" or "GSL" bring up fond memories? Do you enjoy a debate as to how much importance should be on APM?

All of the above

We are dedicated to our vision of a future where gaming and security competitions have merged.

Right now we're a small company where everyone gets a chance to do some of everything, so there's no one set formula for success. The perfect candidates will have CTF (re, crackmes, demo scene) experience, experience in game programming, and low-level programming such as multiple assembly instruction sets, compilers, and emulators. Obviously this is a very specific set of traits, and we're always interested in hearing from people who are passionate about seeing CTF security style challenges baked into an online role playing game that will re-define what is thought of as game and what is thought of as "real" hacking skills.

Passion is a necessary prerequisite, but it's not sufficient on its own. In terms of technical skills, we are looking for experience with reverse engineering, CTF challenges (playing and making!), low-level development (emulators, kernel drivers, compilers -- you EEs can stop snickering, we know many don't consider that "low"), as well as broader development skills. We're building reverse engineering tools, video games, an MMO infrastructure, new ways of visualizing results from CTFs, and all sorts of other things along the way. So lots of other skills like DB design, UI experience, etc, are also a plus.


We are unashamed about discriminating. We only want people with the right attitudes, technical skills, and ability to work with our team toward our stated goals.

Of course, anything beyond that including, but not limited to: race, color, religion, text editor preference[1], national origin, age, sex, OS choice[2], pregnancy, citizenship, familial status, veteran status, genetic information, or volume of tweets are completely irrelevant to our hiring decisions.

[1] We reserve the right to try to convince you that Emacs is indeed a better OS and Vim is indeed a better editor.

[2] As long as it's running on Apple hardware[3].

[3] This was a joke, but the rest is serious.


We offer the best benefits for our employees since the owners are all employees too! We include such perks as:


Our offices are located in downtown Melbourne, FL, a bike-ride from the beach and close walking distance to food, shopping, and bars. Melbourne is a quiet beach-side Florida town with the good and bad that comes with that. Don't expect a vibrant night-life, but the affordable cost of living, easy access to the ocean, and relaxed vibe make it a great place to live for many.

Our benefits and pay are excellent -- we never want to make money the reason you'd consider working elsewhere if our work is interesting to you.