Why choose us

What makes Vector 35 the right choice?

Industry Leading Experience

We have decades of experience in security and a proven track record of applying that expertise to hard problems.

CTF Junkies

We've been playing and making Capture the Flag competitions for a decade.


We have unique experience in the intersection of security and gaming.

Focused on the Future

We are dedicated to our vision of a future where gaming and security competitions have merged.

Our services

We are passionate about security, gaming, and where the two intersect


We have written multiple courses on topics such as assembly programming, reverse engineering, and vulnerability research. Our unique background lends itself toward teaching both security experts and those just starting.

Game Development

Our Pwn Adventure series is the industry's first online MMO designed specifically to teach security concepts by encouraging players to attempt to find security flaws in the game's code.

Data Visualization

We've worked hard making CTFs more accessible and are convinced that new visualizations and introspection will make following a professional CTF player as engaging as following a professional gamer.

Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering is more than just knowing a particular tool like IDA Pro. It is understanding fundamentally how an application works, sometimes better than even the code's author.

Custom Software

We are capable of finding vulnerabilities across diverse code bases, with or without source code. Whatever your development needs, we have the expertise to do it.

Vulnerability Research

Much of our professional careers have been spent engaged in vulnerability research. We are capable of finding vulnerabilities across diverse code bases, whether via source or compiled.

Who we are

We are happiest solving difficult challenges

We are hackers, reverse engineers, developers, teachers, game-players, problem solvers, and pranksters. We are nerf-collectors and technology junkies who love a cool breeze in the hammock or a quiet hike up a mountain.

We have spent years developing expertise across the range of information security, but we learn the most and always have fun when we play competitive hacking challenges like CTFs. We're convinced that we are not alone, and we formed Vector 35 to prove it.

Jordan Wiens

CTF A(nthro)?pologist

Rusty Wagner

Grand Master of Binary Ninjitsu

Peter LaFosse

Coffee Compiler

Andrew Lamoureux

Attention Deficit Developer

Jordan Wiens

Jordan started his professional career at the University of Florida where he got to do a little bit of everything security related. His love of CTFs, however, drove him to a job at a government contractor where he honed his reverse engineering and vulnerability research skills. Now, his goal in life is to become a professional CTF e-sports caster which is why he founded Vector 35. He claims he can stop buying NERF any time he wants, but no one believes him.

Rusty Wagner

Rusty has spent his professional career developing advanced vulnerability research and reverse engineering tools. His time both playing and running CTFs has honed his skills in everything from emulation and compiler writing to massively multiplayer online game development.

Peter LaFosse

When Peter is not roasting, grinding, brewing, or consuming massive amounts of coffee he's probably busy writing, reversing, or exploiting code. Peter has honed his vulnerability research and coding skills over the past 9 years as the head of vulnerability researcher at large defense contractor. Now he's using that knowledge to build the next generation of reverse engineering tools.

Andrew Lamoureux

In 1997, Andrew got AOL dialup and found 40hex zines and zen cracking tutorials. It was incomprehensible, but became a challenge and after several years of ruining COM files, he could write a bit of assembly. Andrew continues taking on low level challenges today, but shares this time with innumerable hobbies, games, and four babbies.