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May 31

Update Post is Full of Updates

By Jordan | 2015-05-31 @ 12:23

It’s been a while since we posted an update, but it’s only because we’ve been busy! If you haven’t already seen that we presented at Infiltrate, our slides are also online. Hopefully video will be out soon.

In other news, are very excited about the work we’re being able to do supporting DARPA’s Cyber Grand Challenge.

SUBJECT: DARPA working with Vector35 and VoidAlpha to begin the process of
         visualizing Cyber Grand Challenge

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is working with the
computer gaming community and the computer security competition community to
develop novel visualization techniques for the DARPA Cyber Grand Challenge.
Vector35 is a company founded by veterans of the Capture-the-Flag circuit;
VoidAlpha is a computer game development firm with experience building games in
the computer security arena.

            Approved for Public Release, Distribution Unlimited

Right now that’s the only statement we can release, but we are looking forward to sharing more in the coming months.